Download - Full Version & Demo Software

The software below function as both Demo and Full versions. They simply start up as a Demo until you enter a Purchase Code which you receive upon your purchase. The Purchase Code turns the Demo into the Full version.

Below are 3 different versions - Make sure to download the one you purchased, intend to purchase or wish to try.

WBS Schedule Pro

WBS Schedule Pro combines WBS, Network and Gantt Charts to form a more comprehensive project planning tool.

Not sure? Try this one. It's the most complete and most popular.

WBS Schedule Pro
(WBS Version)

For WBS Charts Only. This software is WBS Schedule Pro without Network or Gantt Charts.

WBS Version explained

WBS Schedule Pro
(PERT Version)

For Network (PERT) Charts Only. This software is WBS Schedule Pro without WBS or Gantt Charts.

PERT Version explained

WBS Schedule Pro 5.1

WBS Schedule Pro (WBS Version) 5.1

WBS Schedule Pro (PERT Version) 5.1

Demo Version Information

If you have not purchased the software but wish to test it, the above can be run in Demo mode. There are no feature restrictions in the Demo software. It is a full working copy of the software with two exceptions:

1. Limited after 50 tasks - Projects are limited to creating 50 tasks. However, if you are using WBS Schedule Pro with Microsoft Project you can display a chart of any size MS Project plan.

2. It's a 30 Day Trial - The software expires 30 days from the date of installation.

WBS Schedule Pro Version Information

The latest version of WBS Schedule Pro is 5.1.0022. To see which version you have, start WBS Schedule Pro and choose File-About.

WBS Schedule Pro 5.0.xxxx users, upgrade to 5.1 for free by downloading the software from this page. To upgrade 5.0 to 5.1, uninstall your existing WBS Schedule Pro software (this only removes program files, your projects are safe). Then, download and install the appropriate software from this page. The updated software will remain Registered.

If you have 5.1 but a revision less than 5.1.0022 (for example, 5.1.0018) you can upgrade to 5.1.0022 by selecting File-Check for Updates from within WBS Schedule Pro.

For a list of fixes and enhancements, see Update History

Download & Installation Issues

When installing WBS Schedule Pro, if you receive an error message similar to the following:

"Corrupt Installation Detected"

it means that you have a firewall or other security that prevented the software from being downloaded successfully. Disable the Firewall and/or security software and try again.